Janet Parker
Botanical Portfolio

Natural subjects hypnotize me . . . the beautiful symmetry in the arrangement of a dahlia's petals, the hatch pattern on a pine branch, the amazing juxtaposition of purples and greens in a budding hyacinth and the astonishing blue that's revealed as the flower opens. I find studying these fascinating forms and attempting to render their likenesses completely captivating.
Parrot tulip
Yellow tulip study
Waterlily blossom and bud
Waterlily petals sequence
Gingko leaves
European Linden fruit
Purple iris
Daphne bholua, Jacqueline Postill
Red tulip
Tulip petals study
Purple bearded iris
Spruce study
Walnut tree study
Hackberry tree study
Donna's Persimmon
Robin's Nest
Barn Swallow's nest
Tree frog
Eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly